Table of Contents
Microsoft PowerPoint

Lesson I - The PowerPoint Presentation and Screen View
Step 1: Put your Ideas on Paper
Step 2: Create a New Folder
Step 3: Open the PowerPoint Program
Step 4: Help
Step 5: The Title Bar
Step 6: Office Button and PowerPoint Options
Step 7: The Quick Access Toolbar
Step 8: Close and Open Presentation
Step 9: Save the Presentation
Step 10: The Ribbon
Step 11: Status Bar
Step 12: Notes
Step 13: Slide and Outline Task Pane
Step 14: Add New Slides and Delete Slides

Lesson II - Create Slides
Step 15: Themes and Background Colors
Step 16: Insert Picture
Step 17: Placeholders
Step 18: Format Text
Step 19: Add Bullets & Borders
Step 20: Bullets and Numbering and Symbols
Step 21: Format Object/Shape
Step 22: Animations
Step 23: Custom Animation
Step 24: Add Sound Effects
Step 25: Sound and Movie Clips
Step 26: Add ClipArt
Step 27: Add WordArt
Step 28: Apply Custom Animation to ClipArt
Step 29: Text Box
Step 30: SmartArt
Step 31: Add a Table
Step 32: Slide Transitions

Lesson III - Slide Sorter View
Step 33: View Multiply Slides
Step 34: Header & Footer
Step 35: Print Notes, Slides, or Handout

Lesson IV - Show your Presentation
Step 36: Slide Show View
Step 37: Rehearsal Timings

Lesson V - PowerPoint Templates
Step 38: Templates

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