Computer Classes in Fresno
Computer Classes in Fresno

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Learn How to Use the Programs on Your Computer Now!


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Computer Classes in Fresno

I teach 3 hour Crash Course Computer Classes for very busy people that need to know how to use the Programs on their computer now.

How can I teach you an entire Computer Program in just 3 hours? I write Crash Course Computer Books. Crash Course Computer books are 350 page college books condensed into under 50 Steps! Learn what they’re teaching in a College Computer Class without all the extra stuff... Just the Steps!

Or take one of my Fresno Adult School computer classes. I teach the most current Editions of the Software on Window 10 OS.

Whether you are running a business, going to school, or need to add these skills to your resume this is the fastest way to attain computer knowledge and start using your computer today!

Patricia Mullaly
Computer Instructor

3 Hour Session $120
Book and Certificate Included

I am your Instructor, Patricia Mullaly. I have a Teaching Credential from the State of California to Teach Computer Applications to Adults.
I started my career working for the California Air National Guard using the DOS Operating System. I have a Web Master Degree from Fresno City College,
and I have self-published over a dozen Crash Course Computer Books ~ Computer Books written for very busy people.
I have 16 years of computer teaching experience for Fresno Unified, Fresno City College, Fresno State University, Clovis Unified, and have taught for a variety
of businesses, organizations, and individuals in my Crash Course Computer Classes. My focus is teaching people how to use the programs on their computers now!

Click Computer Books and choose the Program that you want to learn.
Click on the Table of Contents under any book to view what is covered.

Call me at 559 225-9957
Set up your appointment today
Monday to Thursday between 12pm-8pm
Fridays 10am-1pm & Saturdays 11am-2pm

Computer Classes in Fresno

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